Villa Estea

Nature will welcome you, here at Villa Estea, where your eyes will gaze contemplatively at the sea, the sky and the land


Villa Estea

Along the Trabocchi Coast, with the scent of brooms in the air, by a clear and wild sea, Villa Estea rises. An ancient hunting lodge which belonged to the D’Avalos family and dates back to the early twentieth century, Villa Estea has become today a charming residence perfect to celebrate all your special events, thanks to renovation works which paid attention to every single detail. Nature, design and tradition here blend to create a magic and fascinating atmosphere. Surrounded by a breathtaking view, discovering the secret spots of the garden of the Villa, you will be inebriated by the scent of the roses which colour it.

Basking in the sun, relaxing in the swimming pool, you will be caressed by the sea breeze. A terrace overlooking the infinite expanse of the sea will be the special setting for your enjoyment of the typical tastes of our territory, thus gratifying your soul, sight and palate. Here your great event will be set and become an unforgettable memory. Let the Villa conquer you.


The Banquet

Villa Estea welcomes you on your special day in the large hall with its panoramic views of the great, blue expanse of the sea. Here, the soft colours of the essential but refined design are in perfect harmony with the nuances of nature. Hand in hand you cross the hall together. The reflections of the sea illuminate your excited, happy faces on the day you've looked forward to for so long. Your loved ones smile; they're here to celebrate your love.

Enter the garden, and let yourself be carried away by this unique moment. Breathe in the scent of the sea that gently embraces you. Stop to admire the sunset, when the sky turns pink. When you come back later, the moon will be waiting for you, shimmering on the sea's shy waves. Nature will be by your side and all around, making this an unforgettable day. The hall can accommodate up to 200 guests.